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I was engaged for don't ask how long! I was pretty surprise when I started to plan my wedding that there were not more resources out there to 'do it yourself'. So with over 10 years experience in the magazine industry I decided to move into digital media and start this blog of ideas for the DIY bride.

I've also been creating wedding stationery for over 15 years. As an art director I was always being asked to put together invitations, starting with a handful of friends the requests quickly grew. But with lots of globe trotting on the cards how was I going to help people with their wedding stationery? One day a little light bulb came on - why not just email them the digital files to print? Now back in Australia, the idea of emailing out the files for wedding stationery means I am able to make my designs easily available all over the world - which is a pretty nice thought really.

Whether you're looking to express your creative streak on your big day, or just keen to walk down the aisle with a bit more cash left in your pocket, you'll find 'i do' it yourself packed with inspiring ideas. From invitations to table decorations and everything in between.

Don't forget to check out the 'i do' it yourself website were we hide all our downloads and free wedding templates! Plus sell our unique range of DIY printable wedding stationery.

We'd love to hear your DIY wedding story too! Just email us.

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