What is Visual Snow?

On- Wednesday, February 24

Left: Visual snow vision Right: Normal vision

Top: Visual snow vision Bottom: Normal vision


I wanted to share a good video I came across today showing some of the symptoms of visual snow syndrome, the neuro-ophthalmologcal condition I have. I get a lot of comments and questions about why my work is so dotty or why the circles, why the pattern etc? Hopefully this goes some way to explaining it. Although I will say you'd need to really ramp up the colour and noise, my experience is a lot more colourful and a lot more dotty than in the video! I also mocked up a couple of images (above) to try and show a little of how it appears when my eyes are open. Just try to imagine all those little tiny dots moving around and flashing occasionally. I'm planning a new body of work exploring this a little more and hopeful it will raise some awareness of the condition too, many people who develop this, rather than being born with it like me, are really struggling and doctors are still trying to find a cause let alone a cure. ​


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