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On- Friday, July 10


A few months ago one of the mums at my child's school asked me what my top art tools were so she could them for her older daughter who was very into art. What was my top must have arty item? And without a doubt it is a notebook. I've kept an art journal since high school and it's something I use every week. As times gone by I've opted for smaller ones so I can carry them around with me. They are perfect for popping in your bag and jotting down any ideas when they come to you, quick sketches out and about.

So when I was thinking the other week about what I could put together that would make a creative but affordable gift idea - an arty notebook. Especially when so many people are still staying home, exploring their creative side more and we maybe can't get to see someone in person, what's a thoughtful gift idea? These seemed perfect.

I've put together three different cover designs each one featuring one my original abstract paintings, plus a great inspirational quote from one of my favorite artists Vincent Van Gogh. And... as they are made to order, there is the added option of personalising the little circle on the front from My Creative Journal to Sarah's Sketchbook or Mary's Art Notes for example - just to make it a little more special for somebody.



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