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On- Sunday, July 13

This month we're heading back to the runway and taking our inspiration from a little 1950s aviation glamour. It's probably the biggest photo prop you're likely to come across - the airplane - but it's perfect for destination weddings, a military wedding and for couples who just love to travel. Airport runways have been transformed into ceremony locations, hangers make the ideal reception venue and some couples are even getting married in flight. Aviation weddings are really taking off!

Credits: smh, vintage map from vintage printable. Vintage dictionary airplane cutouts $1 from Holly Devlin. Vintage electric fans via Country LivingCome fly with me save the date postcard from 'i do' it yourself. Aviator fashion from Harpers Bazaar via Piccsy. Aviation museum venue via the knot. Seating chart map DIY project from i do it yourself. Model plane via Stuck at the Airport. Airplane Silhouette Cufflinks US$25 from Mister Manatee.
Colour palette: black and white

GET the look...

Head off for a destination wedding in jet setter style with a mix of old and new glamour.
1. Passport wedding invitation from 'i do' it yourself 2. Navy blue high collar jacket $218 from Sophiaclothing 3. Black crocheted tube necklace $102 from Yoola 4. Vintage 1950s era sunglasses with new polarised lenses, $109 from Specs Optical 5. Auto Pilot Radiance-Boosting Mask, $85 from Napoleon Perdis  6. Vintage Linden travel clock, $44 from Cherry Orchard Attic 7.  Black Stingray leather pet carrier $1745 from b. winston designs

PRINTABLE wedding stationery

One of our most popular printable wedding stationery ranges is now complete. We've tried to capture the glamour of air travel with come fly with me. Inspired by a retro 1950s vibe, this  stationery is perfect for a destination or travel themed wedding. It has also been very popular with military weddings or ceremonies held at airfields and aviation museums.
Shown here in classic black and white, or choose your own colours from the selection.
Available from the 'i do' it yourself shop there are even more great designs to choose from...

The come fly with me seating chart is a fun addition to a travel themed wedding reception, with little flight paths to guide guests to their tables. Or have guests leave their well wishes for the journey ahead with a stylish guest book map. The telegram guestbook cards look gorgeous printed onto silver paper. And another design with a makeover - our very popular airplane seating chart. Designed to look like the seating plan of an jet plane, then guests names are shown on each seat along with their table number. Shown here in navy blueprint style but available in any colour to match your wedding scheme.

REAL wedding

Be inspired by Justine and Stephen's aviation wedding

• Photography by Heidi Ryder 
•  Venue Planes of Fame Air Museum, California • Stationery by 'i do it yourself • Dress from Marry Me Bridal

STEAL that style

If you love the look of Justine and Stephen's aviation wedding, here's how to get it...

1 White anemone bouquet, photo Troy Grover 2 Faux chalkboard alphabet banner printable from 'i do' it yourself 3 Pronovia 'Beca' gown from it's 2015 Dreams collection 4 Come fly with me and antique chic travel boarding pass invitations from 'i do' it yourself 5 Art Deco hair comb from Lulu Splendor 6 Vintage Samsonite suitcases from Hunt and Found 7 Jumbo jet cufflinks from Perfect Cufflinks

FREE download

Head over to our big FREEBIE section and grab this beautiful guest book sign. Perfect for map and globe guest books.

DIY project: guest book globe

A steady hand and some paint is all you need to create a stunning guest book alternative. Simply wright your names and wedding date on globe, Posca pens are great for this, or paint out the oceans to leave even more room for guests to sign their names. You can buy a globe new, or track one down at an antique shop or market.

Alison Wisthuff

Gaia Photostudio

VENUE view

The Planes of Fame Air Museum in Chino, California is a pretty popular wedding venue with 'i do' it yourself brides. Wether it's a military wedding or a travel theme, it's an impressive museum with a great collection of aircraft,  making it the perfect backdrop for an aviation wedding. The beautiful Maloney Hanger can host up to 320 people for a sit-down dinner and is climate controlled. You can even have your ceremony outside like this cute couple, Erin and Matt.

Rad in Love

So if you like the idea of hanging out in a hanger for your reception or walking down the runway rather than the aisle - here are a few  Australia and New Zealand museums and airports offering wedding packages:

If you're looking for an aviation museum or airport for a wedding ceremony or reception in the US and Canada, here are some ideas from our customers:

TOP tips

How do I print white ink? How do I print onto black paper?

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  1. It is really inspiring to see such themed weddings. I wonder how much an aviation themed wedding would cost anyway. Would turning the airplane storage or hangar into a reception hall require a lot if effort and money?