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On- Thursday, January 16

Mini orange ombre cream cake via Bakingdom

There are a few sweet predictions making the rounds at the moment, like the suspended wedding cake announced by The knot as a 2014 trend. Instead of the traditional cake display, sitting on a table, the idea is the cake floats in the air suspended in a creative way. Awe inspiring to be sure but perhaps out of reach for the budgets of most brides. And just how practicle is it? How do you cut it when it's swinging around? Let us know if you had a suspended wedding cake.

Add Pics via Nigerian Wedding and Aisle Perfect

Naked cakes are also tipped to be a big thing this year. Naked basically means layers of cake with delicious filling and just a dusting of icing sugar. Now that's more like it.

Pics via tumblr, hello may with a great DIY tutorial, Offbeat Bride, Burnetts Boards

Ombré is obviously still as popular as ever, whether it's the icing on the outside or a surprise of sponge on the inside.

Pics: Tumblr, unknown, a slice of purple from Scandinavian Chic

Our trend predictions are for more delectable little mini cakes. A bit of an extension of the dessert bar that's been so popular the past few years, and a bit more glamorous than a cupcake.

Pics: she n he photography, unknown, unknown

Not to knock cupcakes though. Our other favourite trend to watch out for this year is the gorgeous cupcake bouquet. These stunning creations would be perfect as a table centerpiece, edible and beautiful, what's not to love?

Add Pics: Midwest Living, Dailyfix, unknown

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