printing onto kraft paper

On- Sunday, September 29

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Printing onto kraft paper is a great way to give items an old, antique look or feel without churning through your ink if you are printing from home.

Packs of brown kraft paper are available from most craft and stationery stores in various shades. As it is thick, it's best to feed one piece of paper at a time into your machine.

The most important thing to remember is kraft paper is obviously darker than normal paper, so it will effect the inks printed onto it. Colours like yellow, orange and brown may not show up well, and other colours will appear different, often much darker than usual depending on how dark your kraft paper is. A simple black design will work best. Remeber there is no such thing as white ink for home, (and indeed professional printing unless it is a special process) so anything white in you're design will be the background colour of your paper.

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