fingerprint guest book peacocks

On- Sunday, January 20

Our peacock fingerprint guest book was such a hugh success last year, we've added a few new designs recently, so here's a bit of an update.

You may have come across fingerprint or thumbprint trees, a popular trend at weddings. Guest book peacocks are a stunning alternative to this. Guests leave a fingerprint to act as the eye of a feather, sign there name in the feather, or both. A beautiful keepsake of your big day.

Shown above, from the top, is the stylised peacock, for the best effect the birds body and the background colour are the same. Second is the realistic peacock body, the colours here can be any from our selection and there is even a white peacock option. Lastly we have added a new design this month with a pair peacocks and a pretty paisley pattern. All are available from the 'i do' it yourself shop.

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