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On- Thursday, April 5

Pelting the bride and groom with eggs might sound like a bad prank - but what if those eggs were filled with glitter or confetti?

Cascarones are a popular feature in Mexico during Carnival, just before lent, and it's a tradition that more and more countries are taking hold of for weddings. Hollowed out eggs are filled with confetti and decorated, perfect for tossing. In fact having a cascarone cracked over your head is supposed to be good luck.

To make a cascarones is very similar to decorating any egg at Easter. Use a pin to make a small hole in the egg and pour out the contents. Wash and dry the egg, then you can decorate with paint or tissue paper. Make a slightly larger hole on the bottom of the egg and fill with glitter or confetti then close with a little tape or tissue paper.

Then you're ready to chuck them at someone! Happy Easter!

Gorgeous photos from Griottes

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