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On- Tuesday, November 1

It's that time of year again, the Melbourne Cup! And today we have what is becoming a bit of a tradition on the 'i do' it yourself blog, our cup picks - for hats, headbands and fascinators that is. Firm favourites for the races and weddings. We love putting this collection together, partly because of all the great designs we find and partly because we just like making racing puns. Im sure you're all chomping at the bit to see what we've found this year so without any further ado...

  • Tulle Bridal Birdcage veil - Blushing Petals. Made with light ivory bridal illusion tulle, and ivory silk and light ivory silk organza flowers each made by hand. €60,00 from SIBO Designs.
  • Holly and birdcage veil - with a double blossom hair clip handcrafted from satin and silk organza and a bandeau style bird cage veil. $122 from Percy Handmade
  • Hair flower fascinator and feather hairclip - MELIANA CRYSTALIA. $69 from YJ Design.
  • Feathered mini bridal hat - Coco.  Made from coque feathers, vintage scalloped lace, russian veiling, strung pearls, vintage velvet millinery leaves and a pearl/rhinestone brooch. US$184 from Tessa Kim
  • Pleated Victorian Bridal Hat - The Byrone. Made with ivory velvet, pleated moire ribbon and bleached peacock swords. US$294 from Topsy Turvy Design.

  • Bead Bow hairband. With bugle beads and swarovski pearls, so simple but so pretty. US$235 from Anca Pe'elma
  • Cluster head piece. With hand dyed silk flowers and velvet leaf accents in silvery grey attached to a gold plated wire comb. Available in blush pinks, off white and silver grey. US$125 from Twigs and Honey
  • Bridal mini hat - Amelie. With two cabbage roses made from white silk dupion and sky blue cotton. Finished with vintage pearl tip stamens, blue candy handmade cotton leaves, and an elegant ostrich feather. US$200 from Olive Farm
  • Ethereal floral headdress - Lothiriel. A crown of hand woven vines with curling silver wire accents and cascading drapes of antique silver chain. Decorated with delicate ivory blossoms with antique leaves and pale blue accents. US$79 from Gardens of Whimsy
  • Five strands crystal chain headband. Grecian style crystal chain headband available in gold or silver. With five rows of crystal chains securely hand-sewn to silk ribbons. US$120 from Woomi.

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  1. those are beautiful... a little delicate for my taste but lovely