DIY beauty: ombre nails

On- Wednesday, November 9

You might have noticed ombré hair was a hot trend this year, but what about ombre nails? It's really quite simple to achieve at home, and they look fabulous! Use dark colours for a daring look like the one picture above, or for a more subtle effect great for weddings, just use softer shades. There are a few different ways to go about achieving ombré nails, here's one we like:

You will need
Two different shades of nail polish
Foundation sponge
Base coat
Paper plate or similar throw away surface

How to
Step 1. Apply your base coat, and wait for it to dry.
Step 2. Apply your base colour.
Step 3. Pour a small amount of the second nail polish onto your paper plate or similar and dab a little onto the foundation sponge.
Step 4. Pat the nail polish onto your nails in short quick strokes, concentrating on the ends. Before it has dried add the topcoat to blend the colours together.

Pic via Nail Art Mania

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  2. Yes I thought that :)
    But we're not a crap which is nice :)

  3. Ugh, I get those all the time on my blog. They're just spammy linkbacks, and they use weird wording (that applies, sorta, to just about anything) so that they can track which ones are theirs or some such.

    Anyway, very cool. I'm not a nail person myself, but I will share this with my SIL who is.