DIY project: ribbon photobooth backdrop

On- Thursday, October 20

Making a photobooth backdrop out of ribbon has got to be of the easiest DIY wedding projects you could do. All you will need is twine, ribbon and something to string it up between, which is why outdoors is a great location. Just tie strips of ribbon to the twine and your done. Of course you can mix the colours and textured of the ribbons up, and even use strips of lace.

And of course you can use the same idea in all sorts of settings - reception decorations, the ceremony, the cake table and even a backdrop for the band.

Photos: Ricardo Viera via Un Beau Jour, Elizabeth Anne Designs, My Sweet and Saucy and via Intermate Weddings

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2 Comentarios

  1. This is what called a DIY backdrops, they are so simple and mind-blowing! Awesome ideas with what we have and even if we have to buy, just have to spend a few dollars. Very creative and good ideas

  2. Extremely inventive; they are so basic and incredible! Great idea, we only need to spend a couple of dollars.