DIY project: aged glass jars

On- Friday, October 28

Earlier this month we talked about the popularity of American Mason Jars, especially the vintage ones with their pretty blue glass. They can be difficult to come by in other countries so here is a great idea to get a similar look with recycled bottles at home.

What you will need:
Old glass jars and bottles, labels removed and cleaned
Pebeo Glass Paint - Vitrea 160 in turquoise
Pebeo Glass Paint - Vitrea 160 paint thinner
Soft paint brush or sponge

How to:
Step 1. Mix a small dot of turquoise with paint thinner. About 25% paint to 75% thinner, and apply a light wash of paint to the outside of your glass jar. Repeat with all your jars.
Step 2. Leave the jars to dry for 24 hrs
Step 3. Bake in the oven for 40mins at 160°C. This will set the colour, tone down the brush strokes and make it dishwasher safe.

You can purchase Pebeo paints at most art shops and craft stores. Alternatively you could try using Mod Podge and food colouring to get a similar effect, Craftberry Bush has a great step by step for this process.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Demos via Once Wed and Craftberry Bush.

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