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On- Friday, September 23

Pic via Preston Bailey
How about this pretty alternative to the usual fabric sash chair decorations? Giant fabric roses. Of course making hundreds of these for a big wedding might be out of the question but it would be a lovely way to distinguish the bridal table.

How to
Step 1. First you'll need to make chair caps. Make sure you know the measurements of the chairs you'll be using, the width, the sides, and the length you want the cap to be.
Step 2. Make a paper pattern of the cap dimensions plus 2.5cm seam allowance; you can trim this back later. Cut it out and pin it to a piece of fabric which you will have folded in half wrong side facing up. The fold will be the top of your chair cap.
Step 3. Sew down the two sides, tidy the bottom up with a hem and trim raw edges.

Pretty straight forward if you know your way around a sewing machine. The next bit is the fun part, making some giant fabric roses.

Step 4. Cut a very long strip about 20 x 200cm from the same fabric as the chair caps; then sew a small hem along one side. (If the material you are using for your cap is quite heavy, you may have to choose a lighter weight for your rose)
Step 5. Take the strip and, with the wrong side of the fabric facing you, start by pinning it into position on the back (right side facing) of your cap; making sure you are pinning the raw edge of your fabric strip and not the hemmed edge. Start in the centre and gradually work outwards in a tight spiral, pinning it as you go. Continue pinning and spiralling outward - you can always add extra to your strip should you run out. 
Step 6. Once your rose is finished and you are happy with the result, you can choose to either sew it by hand or by machine. Whichever you choose you may find it easier to sew the centre by hand.

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  1. My goodness! This is the best DIY - I am going to have to do it myself now :)