floral seating chart

On- Monday, September 19

These pretty ideas for floral seating charts are perfect for a spring wedding, and relatively simple to make. Just wrap some lovely floral fabric round an existing board, spay glue will be handy for keeping it smooth. Then as in the first two pictures, wrap some twine around to peg the seating arragements to. Easy. Alternatively you could wrap your fabric around a pin board, and we love the example using real roses!

Pics: This table plan was made using a shabby chic cream frame, vintage style floral fabric and hand written luggage tags by Michelle Gledhill. A Cath Kidston inspired table plan, via Flickr. Vintage style fabric seating chart with names stuck on, by Elemental Weddings. Handmade pink rose table plan by Aimee Dunne.   

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