floral bridesmaid dresses

On- Tuesday, September 13

At some point we've all looked at our parents wedding album and had a good laugh - and maybe a twinge of sympathy for the bridesmaids. All dressed in the same unflattering styles and shades, regardless of body shape.

The tradition of matching bridesmaid, and groomsmen, is thought to have originated in Ancient Rome.  Witnesses to a wedding would wear identical clothing to the bride and groom in an attempt to outwit any evil spirits in attendance. That way they wouldn't know which couple was the one getting married and wouldn't be able to curse them.

No more curses for the modern bridesmaid. The days of matchy matchy dresses are on their way out and we've seen a fun new trend to mix it up. These beautiful floral combinations should give you a few great ideas for a pretty spring wedding.

Pics: unknown, via we heart it, via Once Wed, by Green Apple Photography

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  1. I really like the floral dresses in the first pic! I think that a bridesmaid should be able to wear something that she could wear out again. These dresses are perfect for summers to come.