Wednesday, August 10

steal that style: grape or berry bouquet

By Kate Harrison Photography
Flower arrangements accentuated with berries and grapes are perfect for a vineyard wedding. A bridal bouquet doesn't have to be just flowers as Anita’s bouquet, above, shows. It included adorable little raspberries. Or you could consider grape hyacinths, great for creating a berry effect.

Liatris, a tall purple flowering plant is popular in wine themed floral arrangements because of its resemblance to a cluster of grapes. Below this stunning centerpiece was created using a mixture of garden roses, sunflower cores, grape ivy, and muscat grapes all displayed in a simple wooden box.

Photo by Victor Schrager via New York Magazine

1 comment:

  1. I love the berry bouquet! I love how it compliments the rest of the elements in the bouquet.


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