DIY project: wine cork wreath

On- Monday, August 15

For a fun wedding decoration you can keep, why not make a wine cork wreath? Here creative couple Candice and Alvaro kept their vineyard themed wedding going with a beautiful display table for the guestbook, and even transformed an old window into their seating chart! Photo by Katie Stoops Wedding Photography.

To make your own cork wreath all you need is a hot glue gun, some florists wire, a straw wreath and some corks! Now we know it will be such a chore drinking all those bottle of wine to collect the corks, but go on, you can do it!

• You can pick up blank wreaths for craft shops in various sizes
• Wrap a bit of florists wire around the wreath, this will be used to hang it up with later
• Add a dollop of hot glue to the corks and stick them straight onto the wreath, pretty simple hu? You can glue them horizontally, as above, or try vertical to display the mix of colours stained to the bottoms of the corks. There is also a great video tutorial on Vimeo which shows this technique
• Work your way round the wreath glueing on the corks and repeat so you have a few layers on there
• Drink all the wine that you took the corks from

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