DIY project: wedding signs

On- Thursday, August 11

Pic via Miller Campbell Designs
Directing guests around an outdoor venue is pretty important, so why not DIY with cute handmade signs? Last month we took a look at a few ways to decorate wood with a reverse stencil, paint and even a wood burner. Any of these techniques will work fine but here is an simple stencil project:

You will need
• scrap wood
• nails and hammer
• paint and paintbrush
• a stencil kit

DIY wedding sign

• Alphabet and number stencil can be found in art shops and craft stores. You may want to cut the letters off the sheet to speed things up a little.
• You can give your piece of wood a rough coat of white paint first for a more shabby chic effect, here we've just left our plank of wood as is
• Ummm.... stencil the words on! Pretty simple hu? It is best to write out what you will be stencilling on a sheet of paper first and work out which words are in the middle. Start stencilling from the centre and work your way out.
• Finish off by nailing your plank onto the poll

Keep your stencil hand for our more DIY wedding projects this month.

DIY wedding sign 2

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