magic mushrooms!

On- Wednesday, July 27

Cakes via Once Wed 

Your guests will totally trip out over a cake decorated with marzipan or meringue mushrooms!

Whether using store bought marzipan or making your own from scratch, it can easily be molded like play dough into little mushrooms. Start by making the stems - just a blob of marzipan rolled into shape. For the tops use a cookie cutter to make circles, not too thick, and with a skewer make little imprints all the way round for added effect. To decorate just dust with some dirt, ie coco powder, and even some grated chocolate. And for an extra touch of magic add a light dusting of ediable glitter.
Who knew fungus could be so much fun?

For a meringue methed check out this recipe from Martha Stewart.

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  1. This blog give us good knowlegde about cooking of magic mushrooms and also be can make lot dishes of cake and other,

  2. Wow!! these cakes are so beautiful!! The first one looks so cute!