DIY project: decorating wood

On- Saturday, July 23

Pics via The Sweetest Occasion, Young House Love and Going Home to Roost.

There was a lot of interest last week in our printer to wood DIY project post, here. So I thought we'd take a look at a few other great ideas to turn an ordinary piece of wood into a wedding wonder!

  1. Wood burning. A fantastic technique perfect for signs and table numbers, and if you are really keen - place cards! You will need to purchase a wood burning kit from a hardware store such as Bunnings or online. These cost around $30, so not too expensive and the effect is really gorgeous. See the step by step on The Sweetest Occasion.
  2. Painted stencils. Great for table numbers this lovely idea from Young House Love is very simple. All you will need are some large numbers quickly printed up onto basic card stock, painters tape, a stanley knife and paint!
  3. Trace and paint. A little more time consuming but you can achieve beautiful results with this lovely DIY project found on Going Home to Roost

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