DIY project: damask votive candles

On- Wednesday, May 25

damask votive DIY

It seems a while since we did a free wedding download! So this month we have a lovely damask template to help you make your own personalised votive candles. Just visit our website to download the free PDF file. Open it up, and the best bit - it editable! Type in your names and wedding dates and hit print. Click here to download.

You'll need to print onto vellum, a thick translucent paper that will allow the candle light to shine through. Plain vellum is available from most craft and art shops and depending on your printer, can sometimes be a little fiddly. If your printer allows, set the paper type to 'transparency' or 'photo' paper and make sure each printed sheet is set aside to dry properly to avoid smudging.

You will need:
Small glass votive holders
Tea light candles
Double sided sticky tape
Home printer

DIY project:
Step1. Print out your personalised file following the instructions above or those provided on the pack of vellum paper if available.
Step2. Cut round the templates.
Step3. Wrap round the outside of the votive holder and trim accordingly. Fix with a little double sided sticky tape, pop in your tea light and your done!

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