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On- Sunday, May 29


So how do you get deluxe designer details on a basic budget? You can make your own luxurious couture wedding invitations with the addition of a little sparkle and ribbon.

What you will need:
Diamante buckles
Printed invitations
Double sided stick tape

DIY project:
Step1. Start by printing up all your invitations.
Step2. Cut some pieces of card, that compliment the colour of your invitation, about a centimeter bigger than your invitations.
Step3. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough the wrap round the front of the invitation with a little extra to tuck behind. Thread the ribbon through the buckle.
Step4. Place some double sided sticky tape around the edges on the back of the invitation. Position the ribbon and buckle and fold the extra around to the back of invitation, fixing in place onto some of the sticky tape.
Step5. Stick the invitation onto the centre of the card and press firmly.

Damask invitation with additional diamante buckle and ribbon

Bear in mind your envelope sizes when adding a backing card in this way. You might need to trim a bit off the invitations edges, or you can request a custom size just a little smaller than usual.

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