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On- Saturday, March 12

popsicle program fan

Last month I was inspired by one of my favourite Aussie mags Donna Hay with its colourful popsicle story. Which got us thinking, popsicles are great for a summer wedding - but how about using them as wedding programs? So this month we have a new design - printable popsicle programs! Which also double as fans, great if you're having an outdoor wedding.

The file is supplied as an editable PDF so you can type in your wording yourself and print at home. Once printed, just neatly cut round the design and fold in half. Place some double sided sticky tape around the edges on the back, then using more tape on both sides, stick your tongue depressor to the center of one of the pages. Close the card and press firmly to seal.
You can decorate your paddle fans with additional details such as ribbon or shells.

Available from our etsy shop

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