DIY project: giant paper hibiscus

On- Monday, March 21

by Flory Photo

We were so inspired by these beautiful big flowers at Adrieen and Jakes San Fransisco wedding that we thought we'd create a template for something similar. Nothing says summer like the hibiscus flower so here is a simple DIY project to create some stunning giant tropical flowers.

To start with you'll need to download our free petal template from our website here. And of course you can go really nuts and blow these up on a photocopier for even bigger blooms!

You will need:
PVA glue
Flora wire
Floral tape

DIY hibiscus flower

DIY Project:
Step 1. Start by printing and cutting out your petal template.

Step 2. You will need 10 sheets of A4 paper in your chosen design. Draw round the template on the front of five of these, the others will be for the opposite side.

Step 3. Glue floral wire into place on the back of your paper marked out with the template then sandwich it with your other piece of paper over the top, smooth out any lumps. Leave to dry and repeat with the other four petals.

Step 4. Once completely dry use the template you have drawn as a guide to cut out the shape of the petals. Repeat and you should have five lovely big hibiscus petals.

Step 5. To make the center of the flower, take two strips of paper about 8 x 15cms. Leave one as is and the other cut the long side to make a fringe. Roll the fringe piece around another piece of floral wire with some glue. Then wrap the un-cut strip around it, a little further down the wire.

Step 6. Gather your petals together and place them around the centerpiece securing with your floral tape and continue to wrap it down the gathered stems.

You can make your own hibiscus hybrids if you like and add another row of petals. And smaller versions can be done without the wire so there is no need for making the backs. Have fun and experiment with different patterned paper and sizes!

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