beach wedding arbor

On- Thursday, March 10

An arbor, arch or canopy is a popular choice at beach weddings. It helps to define the space and acts as a beautiful focal point for the ceremony to take place under.  Hiring a basic frame is probably the easiest way to go, especially if its a destination wedding. But the decoration can turn the ordinary to the extrordinatry and really make a personal style statement! Here are a few gorgeous ideas to get you thinking...

Plenty of colour! Use bright colourful tulle to decorate.
Pic unknown and via Mermaid Weddings.
Classic - all white
Say it with shells. Large clam shells line the aisle while strings of delicate Capiz shells hang from the canopy.
Pic Sandals Resorts
Crazy with craft! This arbor was covered in handmade paper flowers, pin wheels and even kites!
Photo by Ashley Rose Photography

Or for something a little more simple just mark the space with some tropical flowers like these Birds of Paradise. Pic via Aloha Island Weddings

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2 Comentarios

  1. Oh my goodness. That paper flower arbor is spectacular!!!

  2. Don't forget to bring a black bag for your dirty clutter. Help in preserving and cleaning the environment.pop up beach shade