DIY project: glitter banner

On- Wednesday, February 9

Pic by Blossom Tree Photography

It's pretty common to see flower girls at weddings scatter some rose petals down the aisle before the bride. But how about this for a super cute idea - a glittery love banner. And its so simple the kids will love helping to make it.

What you will need:
Card paper
Hole punch
Glue and paintbrush
Needle and thread

DIY project glitter love banner

DIY project:
Step 1. Draw out the letter shapes and hearts onto thick card paper then cut them out, punch a hole at the top of each one.

Step 2. Coat your shapes with a good ammount of craft glue and sprinkle your glitter over. Or you could also use spray glitter if you prefer.

Step 3. Once the shapes are completely dry sew them onto a strip of ribbon using a thread to match the colour of the glitter.

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3 Comentarios

  1. What a great idea. I am decorating my daughters room at the moment, and saw these lovely word plagues, but they were so expensive. This will be fun to make and much cheaper. Thanks

  2. Beautiful idea! I love twists on tradition and opting out of petals (especially in places where you can't throw them) in lieu of this banner is such a pretty idea!