diy project : eiffel tower light box

On- Sunday, February 27

light box eiffel tower

To finish up the month we've got a great little DIY wedding project using some fantastic light boxes. There are all sorts of uses for them, coming in three sizes and flat packed so they are easy to transport. Today we are going to add a little Parisian chic with an Eiffel Tower silhouette to act as a table number.

eiffel tower light box DIY

What you need
Large light box
Black card paper
Scissors or craft knife
Sticky tape
Tea light candle

DIY project
Step 1. The large light boxes measure 12 x 28 cm so we are going to make our Eiffel Tower template just a little smaller, 11 x 27 cm. This is available as a free download on our website. (click here to visit)

Step 2. Cut out four Eiffel Towers in the black card for each light box

Step 3. Instead of the middle arch on the tower we are going to put the table number, use a stencil or draw the number and cut it out using your craft knife. Repeat this for the other three towers.

Step 4. The lightboxes come with little internal supports to help keep their shape, so tuck your Eiffel Towers between these at the bottom and with just a little sticky tape secure the top. Pop in your tea light candle and your done! Viola!

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8 Comentarios

  1. This is INCREDIBLE!! I couldn't have entrusted this project to a more talented person. Gorgeous work Jenn. xo

  2. Can you recommend somewhere else to purchase the light boxes, the link you gave doesn`t work anymore.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi
    you could make your own out of vellum

  4. Could you please share a link of where to purchase light boxes? Thanks so much!

  5. Hi the store has closed down but you can make your own from vellum

  6. where can i get a template to print for the light box

  7. Our free downloads are available on

  8. Super nice. I want something like that in my room