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steal that style: map bouquet

map bouquet
Paper rose bouquet by Kim + Phil Photography

Create your very own handmade paper bouquet that will last a lifetime.

There are quite a few different techniques to make a paper rose, you might like to check out our other project {here} which uses just a simple circle. These are very quick to make and are great for place cards or scattered as table decorations. This project builds on that template with the addition of a scalloped edge round one side but it's a little tricky - so we've done the hard part and designed a template for you, free to download from the 'i do' it yourself website.

cut out paper rose template

What you will need:
The free paper rose template downloaded from here
Paper-covered floral wire or pipe cleaners
Floral or green masking tape

DIY project
Step 1. Start by downloading the free template from our website here and print it out. Either print directly onto your chosen paper or you can cut it out and trace round. The A4 template creates quite small roses so you might want to enlarge it on a photocopier for bigger blooms.

Step 2. Cut out the coil, one side will be scalloped and the other flat.

Step 3. Using a ruler or similar, firmly but gently pull the coil along the edge of ruller to help it curve a little. (This is similar to the way you would get ribbon to curl by running it along the edge of scissors)

Step 4. Get your pipe cleaner and glue the start of the coil to it, then being rolling the paper around adding the occasional drop of glue to help it hold but remember this with affect how tight therefore oh big the bloom with big.

Step 5. Once you're done rolling fix the end with some green tape and wrap it all the way round the pipe cleaner to make your stem.

This is just one of many ways to make paper flowers, so watch this space and we bring you more DIY flower projects this year.


  1. This is SO very incredible & I would love to try the template. For some reason I can't seem to get the link working though. It could be just me, but the other links are aokay. I'd love any help & thanks for the gorgeous inspiration!

  2. Hi Mel
    try this link
    and then on the right hand side
    > paper rose template

  3. Thank you a million times over, Jenn! *GRIN*

  4. What a wonderful idea! :) they look great!

  5. Wonderful hand craft. Simple and fantastic

  6. lovely idea :) yes, simple and beautiful

  7. This is idea is brilliant, a bouquet that wont deteriorate, nice one

  8. I love this idea, especially for the throw away bouquet. Using photocpies of books relevent to the couple is also a nice idea BUT I cant get to the templates without some stupid survey I don't want to do getting in the way. Such a pity.

  9. Hi
    there is no stupid survey to complete to get the template, just a checkout system.

  10. OK, this may be a silly question, but at what end of the sprial do you start at? I would assume the straight edge, but from other tutorials I've seen using this technique for felt flowers, I've seen them start at either end.

  11. Start at the long straight end and wrap that round your wire or pipe cleaner etc to start with :)

  12. These are adorable!!

  13. Heeey, you have amazing ideas!

  14. What a fun and pretty idea, love it!

  15. This may be a dumb question, but what kind of glue would work best for this project? (I am a crafting newbie) Thanks for the great idea!

  16. A dab of PVA should work fine then you're using the tape to hold everything in place

  17. I've downloaded the template and just fiddling with a few testers now! Can't wait, really wanted to add my own personal touch to my bouquet and now I can! A big hello from South west Wales, UK :-)

  18. Hiya beautiful flowers, my sister in law to be has fallen in love with this bouquet and put me in charge of making it! After several hrs of fiddling I feel I am missing a key tip/ technique as they look tight! Is there a video tutorial I can watch? Should the bottom edge of paper sit flat or spiral up??? Please advice

  19. Is the template online still? I would like to try it!!! Im getting married soon :)

  20. Hi all our free downloads are on under the FREEBIES section


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