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On- Monday, January 10

free maps These free world map downloads will really come in handy, especially for some of the great DIY wedding projects we've got coming up this month.

A nice cream and turquoise map for free download as an ai file from MacDaddy
Free world map with cities available in lots of different formats from here
Old world map, requires free membership before you can download from stock.xchng 

If you prefer a custom made design check out some of 'i do' it yourself's world map options for weddings:

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8 Comentarios

  1. ive been looking for this,thank YOU so much!! :)

  2. Thank you so much! The turquoise one is perfect for my home, and it'll be awesome to make it into a "visited" pinboard for the kids to enjoy!

  3. I couldn't find the download button? when I choose the mape and format, it brings me to a page that says *in this page you can download it, the file name is 4.PNG but no download button? maybe is not for Mac users?

  4. Hi MrsPeel the maps aren't part of our blog so you might want to email the sites directly but I noticed png version isn't working on my mac either, the pdf version downloads fine though.

  5. This is great to know for future projects - thank you!

  6. These are PERFECT! I love the teal one! Thank you SO much for sharing!!!

    Nat from

  7. i love the turquoise one! but i can't get it without the logo of mac daddy.
    can you help me getting that of my map?
    thanks for sharing btw

  8. Its an eps file from memory so if you have something like illustrator you can take it off in layers.