Friday, April 30

we heart april 2010

Another month over! I'd like to say things are settling down around here since our wedding, but I'd be lying. It's just as crazy busy as usual, but thats the way we like it. Just like the pic above by Amanda Pratt Photography.

This month this cute little hand stamped necklace caught our eye, marked with the words I do and your wedding date from Chantelle Nicole Designs. This stunning smocked dress from Kali Oseano Clothing would be just perfect for an Aussie outback inspired wedding. And of course it was Easter this month, so we hope the bunny brought you loads of chocolate, cutest pic via cafe cartolina. How did they get that bunny to sit still long enough to paint him though? :)

We hope you enjoyed this months Chinese Australian wedding. Thanks to everyone who commented and contributed. Next month things are starting to cool down...

Thursday, April 29

something borrowed - crochet fortune cookie

Following on from yesterdays post on how to DIY your own paper fortune cookies, how about crochet ones!? Jennipho has put together a cute little video to show you how to finish off the cookie once you have made a simple crochet circle. Watch the video here or visit Jennipho's etsy shop to buy handmade crochet cookies.

Wednesday, April 28

DIY project: paper fortune cookies

fortune cookies

You can't end a Chinese meal without a fortune cookie - so we're going to finish up our Chinese wedding this month with our very own DIY fortune cookies. So simple to make, you could leave one on each guests plate or mix one with some real cookies in a Chinese take-away box for a cute favour idea.

You will need:
paper (not so thick that they wont fold)
3 inch circle punch
double sided sticky tape

DIY project:
Step 1. Print out our FREE template (click here to go to the download) and punch out the circles
Step 2. Loosely fold the circle in half with out creasing
Step 3. Place a little bit of double sided sticky tape near the edge of the circle and pinch the sides back until it lightly sticks and folds.
Step 4. Cut up the fortune strips and slip one into each paper cookie

fortune cookie how to fold

Tuesday, April 27

picture perfect: DIY watercolour sketch

watercolour sketch

Turn your wedding photos into beautiful watercolour sketches in ten easy steps. This is a fairly straightforward photoshop tutorial but we do assume you have a basic knowledge of the program including using layers.
This effect doesn't work with every image, but something that already has a nice soft feel to it will be best.

watercolour sketch start image

DIY project:
Step 1. Duplicate the layer and make that new layer black and white by Image > Adjustments > black and white.

Step 2. Duplicate this new black and white layer and invert it by Image > Adjustments > Invert.

watercolour sketch inverted

Step 3. Set the blending mode for this layer to colour dodge, don't worry, the image should disapear.

Step 4. Now go to Filter > Other > Minimum and use a radius of between 1 and 5

watercolour sketch - sketch effect

Step 5. Double click in the layers palette on what should be now called layer copy 1, this will bring up the layer styles options. Holding down the alt or option key click on the little tags under the underlaying layer bar. This frees them up to be moved around individually. You can see by adjusting these tags it gives more depth to the sketch effect. When your happy and have something similar to our example hit ok.

Step 6. Now you could leave it as this as it actually looks pretty good, but we're going to carry on and add a little colour back. Select Layer 1 copy and Layer 1 and merge them together.

Step 7. With the original layer seleceted go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and increase the saturation to about +50

Step 8. Now reduce the opacity of the top layer (layer 1 copy) to about 85%.

Step 9. On this top layer, with a large soft brush and opacity set very low, slowly erase areas of skin to bring a little more colour back. Go over some areas more if you like as though you where painting the colour back in. You can also do small sections of hair too.

Step 10. Flatten the image and save.

watercolour sketch final image

Monday, April 26

the cake

chinese cakes

As always these amazing cakes just look too impressive to eat... oh well maybe I could just force myself to have a slice :)

Credits: Dark chocolate dragon design on top of white chocolate, by the organic chocolate cake company. Gorgeous icing detail of frog style knot buttons on this cake via the knot. Cascading cherry blossoms and the double happiness symbol from the pink cake box. Beautiful birdcage cake by Lark Cake Shop.

Saturday, April 24

something new: tree of love

tree of love invitation

Fall in love with our latest wedding invitation. The tree of love is a romantic hand drawn illustration perfect for weddings and great for engagement invites too. Available in our online shop.

Thursday, April 22

real wedding: Matthew and Jenny

Matthew and Jenny's Melbourne wedding last year was a beautiful combination of Chinese tradition and Australian fun. Matthew arrived at the brides home in the morning for a tea ceremony, but wouldn't be allowed in until he passed the tests set by Jenny's bridemaids. A Chinese singing test, a quiz and the taste test followed where Matthew had to correctly identify tofu and ginger among others. Luckily he passed, and the ceremony and reception took place at the beautiful Red Spice Road.

Photographed by the lovely Alan and Karen Woo from Akwoo Photography in Victoria.
Visit their website here.

Tuesday, April 20

something borrowed: DIY paper lantern centerpieces

You might be surprised to see just how easy this lovely paper lantern centerpiece is to make. Its a great option when you don't have a huge amount of table space to play with as the sides can double as menu cards, drinks lists or table numbers. See the DIY tutorial on Project Wedding.

Sunday, April 18

inviting ideas: frog fastener

Spice up your wedding invitations with a simple frog fastener.

Here we have a really simple DIY wedding invitation project using our flexible eastern promise invitation design. Begin by printing out the invitation front and back, then mark up a semi circle on each side for the flaps. Trim the invite top and bottom and cut around your semi-circle flaps. Fold, and glue a simple frog fastener to the front with strong glue.

If you don't like the fact that you can see the invitation wording underneath you can always slip an extra piece of blank card or coloured rice paper in between.

Friday, April 16

FREE origami paper downloads

Head on over to Canons Creative Park for these fabulous FREE paper downloads just perfect for your DIY origami projects. Love it!

Wednesday, April 14

DIY project: origami paper cranes

The Chinese tradition of folding 1000 paper cranes before the wedding was supposed to instill the bride and groom with great patience, just whats needed in marriage! Folding 1000 origami cranes certainly does require patience, but once you've got the hang of it, they are very simple to make. Stringing the cranes hanging from the ceiling is a truly beautiful way to display your finished creations. But there are plenty of other uses for them. They make lovely place cards and even wedding cake decorations. Pics: artist Giles Edsall via Artful Paper, the knot and The Selby

DIY project:
For a really comprehensive step by step to making your own origami cranes click here

Tuesday, April 13

something new: eastern promise stationery range

Now available in our online shop are more products from the chinese inspired eastern promise wedding stationery range, including save the dates and menu cards. Enjoy!

Monday, April 12

something borrowed - birdcage cake stands

birdcage cupcakes

We all know how popular cupcakes are at the moment, and you might have seen birdcages popping up quite a bit in wedding decorations, but this project combines the two!
The bride spotted these birdcages in Chinatown and took them home to spray paint gold and create tiers inside to sit the cupcakes on. They make a fabulous display with strings of origami cranes behind. How about transforming old birdcages into beautiful table centerpieces too?
Pics via the knot by 5ive15ifteen photography.

Saturday, April 10

chinese flair

Bring your wedding decorations to life with a bright and bold combination of red and gold.

Credits: Paper lanterns are a quick and easy way to add some drama, especially on mass like this pic from Martha Stewart. Paper cranes from Made by Jo. A colourful combination of different table mat designs, pic via Burda Fashion. Beautiful Chinese bowls stacked together for an interesting centerpiece, pic by Sass Studios. Lucky bamboo make great favours. Frosted glass takeout holders via Stylehive. Cute little cocktail umbrellas can be used as place cards, pic from the knot. Pretty lotus candle holder.

Thursday, April 8

FREEBIE double happiness sticker

The double happiness symbol is a very common feature at Chinese weddings and it adds the perfect finishing touch to invitations and favours. We've designed this FREE double happiness image, 2 inchs wide just great for stickers, for you to download and use in your Chinese wedding DIY projects. Enjoy!
Click here to download.

Tuesday, April 6

DIY stationery: eastern promise

Just added to our DIY stationery range - eastern promise. To go with our beautiful Chinese inspired wedding this month is this gorgeous red and gold decorative invitation which can be altered to any colour scheme you like! Available in our ONLINE SHOP.

Sunday, April 4

eastern promise bridesmaids

Bright reds and gold certainly pack a punch. How amazing would these bridesmaids look?

Credits: Souki China red floral brocade hair comb, US$32.95 from Chloe an Maddie. Photo from Floral travels woven dress from Forever21. Red ruffelled gown from Eurca. Red pencil dress from Joy the store. Fortune cookie happiness necklace, US$42 from Lanyapi. Sparkley red Christian Lauboutin heels and Alexander McQueen gold peeptoes.

Saturday, April 3

something new: tea time invites

I've been meaning to design these invitations ever since my very respectable bridal shower - Mystic High Tea at the Observatory Hotel (which I highly recommend, the tea leaf reading was brilliant and spookily accurate). So if you're planning a tea party in any way, these might be just the thing. Available in our online store.
Happy Easter everyone.

Friday, April 2

the dress

Although red is the traditional colour for a Chinese wedding dress, in this case our bride has decided to wear white and have the bridesmaids wear the red. How about this beautiful gown from Rosa Clara 2010 collection which has a slight Asian feel to it, and pockets! Got to love pockets in a wedding dress. Gorgeous model pic from Model Mayhem.

Thursday, April 1

eastern promise

Congratulations to ... oh, anonymous... who has won our little competition to blog about their wedding idea for the month. We loved the idea of a Chinese Australian wedding. Anonymous said:
"My brother is getting married and his bride is originally from Beijing so it will be a Chinese and Australia themed wedding (she is wearing white and the bridesmaids are wearing red). I've been asked to help with the decorations and invites. Any ideas would be great."

So here goes nothing - we've used a colour palette of red and gold that traditionally represents happiness and success in Chinese culture. Chinese lanterns and parasols make perfect decorations. There are many ways origami cranes can be displayed - a tradition for Chinese weddings. Gorgeous little cupcakes in gold painted bird cages, pic via the knot. Fortune cookies to finish off.

colour palette: red, gold

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