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7th day of christmas

We've seen some great DIY wedding ideas since we started the i do it yourself blog, and one of the most popular has probably been one of the oddest - quirky upside down wine glasses with roses inside as table centrepieces (found here). So as everyone seems to like the strange and slightly silly, here are a few other weird wedding centrepiece ideas.

Apples. Perhaps not the first thing you might think of for a wedding decoration but simple fruit in glass vases are an easy and fun idea.

Asparagus. You either love it or hate it when it comes to eating asparagus, but had you ever thought about using it wrapped around a candle!? Check out a great step by step guide here.

Candelabra. Nothing unusual about candelabra right? But what if you fill them with flowers instead of candles for a surprising table decoration. Photo by Brandy J Photography

Cotton. The cutest little centrepieces just perfect for a crafty DIY bride. Group together old cotton reels and string, and add a few flowers to create the prettiest display.

Goldfish. A sure way to get the guests talking, real goldfish on the table! You can find some instructions for making a fish wedding centerpiece here. Of course you need to remember you're using living creates so make sure they are well looked after and go to a good home after the wedding. Photo by John Henry

Jelly. Who doesn't love jelly!? So why not use it in a weird and wonderful way on your wedding tables with flowers set into the mix? From Every Day with Rachael Ray.

Teapots. Perfect for creating that Alice in Wonderland feel. Make your own creative and quirky centerpieces using old teapots stuffed with pretty flowers. So simple! Pic by Polly Wreford

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  1. Love the fish :)

  2. I like them all. And I bet none of them are soon forgotten! :~)