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When it comes to DIY wedding projects one of the questions we see asked a lot is what glue should I use? A quick trip to the craft shop and you'll see why, there are so many choices out there! Stick glue, spray glue, glue that comes in guns. But what to use where?

We've put together a list of some of the most helpful glues on offer to Aussie DIY brides, with a lot of help from Cynthia of the Shiny Rabbit etsy shop, selling funky jewellery and accessories. If you think of anything we've left off or would like to share your experience, be sure to let us know!

1. PVA craft glue
FOR: Wood, paper, leather, fabrics, some plastics.
PROS: Dries clear, multipurpose, inexpensive, easy and available just about anywhere.
CONS: Can crinkle paper if spread too thickly or the paper is too thin.

2. Hot Glue
FOR: Paper, wood, metal, fabric, plastic
PROS: Very good adhesion for lots of projects, and quite cheap. Great for holding objects that aren't flat such as embellishments as the object can sink into the glue.
CONS: Very messy, stringy bits of glue tend to get stuck everywhere you don't want them so have a damp cloth handy for quick clean ups. Watch the metal tip of the gun it gets very hot.

3. Diamond glaze
FOR: A great jewellery coating, paper.
PROS: Not really a glue but it is acid free and very versatile with good adhesion for some applications. It's a little viscous so it has some nice properties like settling into a space or gap, can be pushed into the place you want it. Dries very glossy.
CONS: Creates a few bubbles which will stay if not popped and they can be hard to remove. Not cheap – a small bottle can set you back around $15 but its not bad for what you get out of it as glue. Not commonly available in Australia, some craft supply or scrap booking stores stock it but probably best to look online.

4. Modpodge
FOR: Wood, paper, fabric
PROS: A glue, sealer and finish all in one and available in different finishes and for different uses. Great for decoupage. Check out Modgepodge Rocks for ideas. Stocked by art supply shops such as Eckersleys.
CONS: Very sticky especially the gloss version.

5. Spray Adhesive
FOR: Great for paper, card and thin fabric.
PROS: Quick and easy to use with a lump free, smooth finish.
CONS: Tends to spay everything else around it too. Don't start by spraying directly onto your item, the glue can come out too quickly and end up soaking your paper, so aways do a quick spray first onto something that doesn't matter to clear the nozzle.

6. Glue sticks
FOR: Paper, card, thin fabric.
PROS: Commonly available and cheap. Great for paper and card as its not likely to cause the paper to crinkle.
CONS: Some glue sticks are not acid free, check the packet to make sure.

7. Superglue
FOR: Wood, metal, ceramics, glass and plastics.
PROS: You only need a tiny spot of product to produce an extremely strong instant bond.
CONS: Instant bond so be careful!

8. Urethane Bond
FOR: Rubber, wood, ceramics, fibreglass, metal, glass, leather, vinyl, fabrics and most plastics.
PROS: Strong, waterproof and great adhesion, you'll need less of this than you think. It flows really well and settles in all the gaps over its drying time, even vertically (will bleed upwards so be sure to keep that in mind). It has a small amount of give so it’s good for items that may need to be adjusted slightly as you work. Sticks almost anything to anything and dries super glossy.
CONS: Expensive – available from Bunnings for around $20 + for a small to medium sized tube. It flows really well but this can be difficult to control so use much much less than you think you will need.

9. Two part epoxy
FOR: Rubber, metal, wood, plastic.
PROS: Epoxy glue is a two-component glue, which is blended immediately prior to use and can be shaped until dry. Heavy duty effective adhesion and easily available, the brand tends not to matter. A little goes a long way.
CONS: Messy and fiddly. You need to mix it right in equal parts or it won’t catalyse or catalyse too quickly and the mixing can be difficult even with the two syringe mixer packs. Can shatter its bond if object is dropped.

10. E6000
FOR: Rubber, wood, ceramics, fibreglass, metal, glass, leather, vinyl, fabrics and most plastics.
PROS: Wonderful bond with any objects and a very strong hold. Great for heavy embellishments. Slightly spongy dried so it has a nice suspension for shockable objects
CONS: Use with care, strong smelling. Doesn't keep well in it's tube so line up your work ready to use one tube in one go and buy small tubes. Generally only available online shipped from the US.

Remember when working with glues for your wedding projects always read the instructions and work in a well ventilated area, you may even need to wear a mask when working with some glues. Its also advisable to do a test piece when working with a new glue and material combination to make sure there are no adverse reactions.

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