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On- Wednesday, November 10

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We were asked last week by Leaders Newspapers our thoughts on how to save money and DIY wedding dresses. The story is out and you can catch it in lots of local paper this week.

So where were our thoughts on how to save money on your wedding dress? Well, last year we ran a poll on the blog asking you, our readers, what you would DIY for your wedding day and interestingly no one chose to make their own wedding dress! Its a pretty daunting task, I know plenty of people are great at making clothes but the idea of making a wedding dress for themselves, their daughter, their friend is just too much pressure and too much responsibility.

So if you're not up to making the whole dress, accessories are a great way to DIY and add that personal creative touch. Floral hair accessories, a sash or belt can be quite easy to make and can really jazz up a simple store bought gown.

Our favourite option for saving on wedding dresses if definitely going to a boutique, you can pick up something amazing in white or a pale colour for around the $500 mark. Just because its not marketed as a wedding dress doesn't mean it cant be.

Places like are a good option for buying vintage and handmade dresses online. Also keep an eye on the new Aussie site
There are plenty of great designers out there offering beautiful handmade and vintage gowns at great prices, of course the down side is you cant go for an actual fitting unless you can find someone local on there. Like all online shopping you need to be cautious, read the feedback that has been left and make sure you give accurate measurements. If you're buying a dress already made from overseas remember the sizes vary from country to country. A size twelve here is very different to a size twelve in the US.

If you're looking at buying a vintage dress or altering a family members dress remember womens bodies have changed quite a lot over time, it can be really hard to find something that will fit our taller and wider bodies! Again sizes can be very different, a ten today is not the same as a ten 50 years ago, think about those tiny little waists of the 50s. So make sure you have accurate measurements when buying. And if you're buying vintage online you wont be able to smell it! So if the listing doesn't mention smell Id be inclined to ask, you don't want to smell of cigarette smoke and mothballs walking down the aisle.

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