DIY project: painted plate place settings

On- Sunday, November 21

painted plate place name

I've been a big fan of painting ceramics for years now, ever since I discovered some fabulous paints which do away with the need for a kiln. So I'm very pleased to finally bring to life a great wedding DIY project using Pabeo Procelaine paint.

There are plenty of options with Pabeo Procelaine coming as 45ml bottles in 46 colours, which we used here. But they even come as marker pens for more detailed work, and you might find this a better option for writing out names.

All you will need is the paint or pen, an oven, and a plain white plate for each guest. These can be picked up relatively cheaply in bulk at kitchen supply shops, or try your local discount store.
Simply paint your guests name on each plate. You can be as creative as you like, just write the name or decorate it with patterns or flowers to tie in with your wedding decor.
Then the best bit - bake them in an oven at 150°C for 30-35 minutes and ta da! The plates now have glossy names with excellent resistance to dishwashing and normal detergent, so your guests can even take their personalised plates home.

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3 Comentarios

  1. That's stunning! You're so talented! :)

  2. So beautiful. I heart this project

  3. I like...I like...very beautiful. This would make a great favor to give to your guests. Could pick up used china at garage sales. I love this idea! Will borrow it at my next event.