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On- Thursday, September 30

we ♥ september 2010

Obviously we were a little obsessed with cherry blossoms this month, well who wouldn't be? It's such a gorgeous time of year right now. So while you were all emerging from your winter cocoons we tracked down some seriously pretty handmade accessories, perfect for spring weddings.

Striking cherry blossom photo by Kimiko Yoshida.
Doloris Petunia's beaded cuffs are just to die for! Customised to fit and to match your colour scheme, these designs are just bursting with sparkling details. (Don't forget to check out her custom bridesmaid sashes too.)
A modern twist on the Japanese art of tsumami kanzashi, Petal Mix creates the most beautiful hair accessories and brooch pins. Like this pretty little vintage rose brooch for US$26.
Ila Handbags and clutches are all handmade, using new and vintage fabrics, some even incorporating vintage accessories. We love this hand rushed pink silk purse.

Things that made us go ooo this month...
• Pretty up your party with pink lemonade, great little recipe here from good old Martha.
• One of our favourite blogs, cannelle et vanille, put together this amazing cherry blossom and macaroon shoot.
• We love the idea of these simple little cupcakes, just some pink icing a cherry on top. Perfect!
• Another gorgeous wedding from the talented Caroline Tran. Jennifer and Matthews Japanese garden wedding. Full of fabulous colour, including an amazing wedding dress which is a modern take on traditional Korean hanbok.
• Michael and Malienas stunning cherry blossom wedding reception - love the hot pink.
• Love these Japanese origami paper dolls, great for decorating your cherry blossom theme wedding
• New TV series Four Weddings started in Aussie this month and we're loving every tacky bitchy comment moment! If you're after a real laugh follow this link to the UK version featuring the nudest wedding, yes, we said nudest wedding.

We also asked you this month to vote in our online poll, are you planning your wedding while at work? We'll it seems most of you are, and if you're not you'd like to be!

Are you planning your wedding at work?

Our best tip for wedding research - make sure the volume on your computer is turned off, wedding vendor websites do have a habit of blasting out romantic music which will be a tad obvious, especially if you've recently announced your engagement to the office.

We'll try and do a poll each month so let us know if you have any big wedding questions that need putting to the vote!

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