DIY project: wishing tree

On- Saturday, September 18

DIY wishing tree

Wishing trees are a beautiful alternative to the traditional wedding guestbook. Rather than signing a book or a photo, guests write little messages on cards then hang them from branches gathered together in a vase.
You will need:
Bare tree branches
Spray paint (optional)
Planter or vase
Floral foam or decorative pebbles
Clear wire or ribbon
Beads, crystals and/or faux flowers (optional)
DIY project:
1. You can start by spray painting your branches, silver or white look great, or just leave them natural if you prefer.
2. Place the branches in your chosen container. If this is glass, secure them with heavy pebbles. Or if you are using a planter you can use floral foam and then cover with the decorative pebbles on top.
3. Cut out your wishing cards and punch a hole to hang them with a little ribbon or fishing wire. Watch out for our FREE wishing card download next week!
4. Finally you can decorate the branches with beads, crystals or faux flowers. We finished our branches off with little origami cherry blossoms from this weeks DIY wedding project.

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2 Comentarios

  1. This is such a wonderful idea and beautiful, too. I am helping my sister plan her Spring wedding and really appreciate the step-by-step instructions. We are also gathering ideas from Giulia Macchia's new book, "The "W" Day," which features weddings from all over the world. The book has given us a lot of great ideas with tips on how to recreate them on a budget. I highly recommend this one.

  2. This is such a sweet idea and its gorgeous! I love this! <3