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On- Saturday, July 31

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Few! What a month in the 'i do' it yourself office. We've been busy knocking out walls and putting a new kitchen in, things have been pretty chaotic but we got there in the end. (And I hate to say, but that was a much more stressful than organising a wedding!) Someone recently asked me what I think the one thing is that brides 'think' they need at their wedding, but they really don't? And I'm going to say perfection. At the end of the day don't loose sight of the fact that a wedding is all about the love of two people - not that the roses you picked out are exactly the right shade of pink. Don't sweat the small stuff as the say. The whole point of a DIY wedding is to enjoy the process. You're adding your special touch to the day, so have fun and be yourself!

We hope you enjoyed this months romantic winter Aussie bush wedding. Above are a few things we fell in love with this month. Getting back to the classics with beautiful veils (model pic via It's a Jamie Thing) Circular Veil With Fresh Water Pearl Comb, US$195 from I Do Wedding Veils in Sydney. The cutest little handmade custom wedding cake toppers made by the very talented Blue Butterfly Design.

Net month, we'll sweeten things up ...

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  1. Ya,for featuring I Do Wedding Veils!I've talked to her,she's a sweet lady.:)