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On- Tuesday, July 20

Earlier we looked at professional printing options for adding beautiful metallic effects to your wedding stationery. But what are your DIY at home options?

At home options
Metallic paper.
One of the easiest ways to add a metallic effect at home is to print on metallic paper or card. Rather than specific areas of the design being metallic, the whole print will be left with a beautiful sheen. Some metallic papers even have bits of glitter and textures.


Just remember areas that are white in your design are not printed white, they are just left blank. So if you choose to print on coloured paper such as silver, those blank areas will appear silver, if you choose a sparkly red card - they will be sparkly red. But there are plenty of shimming white and off white paper options available if you'd rather not alter the appearance of your design too much.

Gel pens.
Available in a huge variety of colours including metallics, glitters and white. A great tool for adding that extra something, especially on dark card. Perfect for personalising place or escort cards.

Glitter spray.
Use over stationery that has already been printed as either a light dusting or mask areas off and spray more heavily to add dramatic sparkle.

From gems, buckles and diamantes to stick-on shiny hearts, your local craft shop should be bursting at the seems with pretty metallic card embellishments for the perfect dazzling finishing touches.


Seal it with a sparkle and use metallic envelopes or pockets!

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  1. Wow, this is really amazing article. Just love this idea of card and I am surely going to try this as soon as possible. I loved it.