picture perfect: DIY kids colouring book

On- Monday, June 28

DIY colouring book

If you're inviting children to your wedding then it's a great idea to have some child friendly activites for them. And this is never more important than in the winter months when the weather will probably put a stop to any ideas of sending them outside to run around. So here is a fun DIY project for you to put together to keep the kids busy indoors. DIY colouring books using your own pictures - engagement photos are perfect.

Step 1: Start by selecting a few digital photos of yourself, and open them in Photoshop making the size roughly an A4, about 20x28cm will do (make sure your dpi is 300 too).

Step 2: Go to Filter > Sketch > Photocopy and set the detail to about 10 and the darkness to about 7, just so you can see the main lines.

Step 3: Use Levels to tidy the image up a little. Ctrl L or Apple L, and bring the two outside arrows in towards the middle. This should get rid of some of the finer detail while strengthening the lines you want to keep.

Step 4: Repeat these steps on all your images and print out. You can then photocopy onto A3 sized paper, two images per page to make your book.

Step 5: Fold your A3 pages in half and punch two holes down the side, finish off by tying the pages together with a little ribbon. You can add a little text to the first page if you like, like your names, and don't forget to supply crayons on the day!

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3 Comentarios

  1. Lols, if you're ok with kids drawing mustaches and horns on all your pictures (or was I the only kid who did that to all my coloring books.....).

  2. Looks like a great, fun idea

  3. Kid will be glad as punch with these