DIY project: ribbon vases

On- Sunday, May 16

ribbon vase

For this wedding DIY project we've taken a little inspiration from the cutest little wedding in the US where ribbon wrapped vases in green and brown were used as beautiful table centerpieces (see are deco post this month). I thought we would build on this idea a little and rather than using different coloured ribbon, we are going to use different shades and thicknesses in brown to hint more at a tree or branches.

You will need:
tall glass vases (the same circumference all the way round)
brown ribbon in a variety of thicknesses, textures and shades
double sided sticky tape

DIY project:
Step 1. Measure the circumference of your vase and cut strips of ribbon to size.

Step 2. Place a few strips of double sided sticky tape down the sides of the vase, length wise. Put two strips at what you will use as the back.
We're going to use tape rather than glue so as not to risk staining the ribbon, plus you can more easily remove the ribbon later so you can reuse the vases.

Step 3. Simply wrap your strips of different ribbon round the vase, fixing to the tape, and finish off with one piece vertically down to hide any messy ends. Easy!
ribbon vase step

Of course you don't have to use brown, you can use any colour ribbon you like to fit in with your wedding scheme.

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