Wednesday, May 26

DIY project: fingerprint tree guestbook

As I mentioned at the beginning on the month we're going to try and look at interesting ideas for what to do with images and memorabilia after the wedding. Usually photos, but this is something a little bit different. As an alternative to the traditional guest book, how about a fingerprint tree? Guests leave their thumbprint as a leaf on your tree, which can then be hung on your wall later and looks great. 

All you will need is a selection of ink pads available for guests (and something for them to clean up with) and the base image of a tree and branches. You can draw a tree yourself or we have loads of designs available in our online shop that can be customised with your names and wedding date. Have a few different shades of green available for your inks, it looks a little more interesting. If you like guests can also initial next to their thumbprint.


  1. What a lovely idea

  2. I love this idea - we have a "Tree of Life" Theme to our wedding so this would fit so perfectly - I hope my fiance likes it as much as I do!


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