picture perfect: DIY watercolour sketch

On- Tuesday, April 27

watercolour sketch

Turn your wedding photos into beautiful watercolour sketches in ten easy steps. This is a fairly straightforward photoshop tutorial but we do assume you have a basic knowledge of the program including using layers.
This effect doesn't work with every image, but something that already has a nice soft feel to it will be best.

watercolour sketch start image

DIY project:
Step 1. Duplicate the layer and make that new layer black and white by Image > Adjustments > black and white.

Step 2. Duplicate this new black and white layer and invert it by Image > Adjustments > Invert.

watercolour sketch inverted

Step 3. Set the blending mode for this layer to colour dodge, don't worry, the image should disapear.

Step 4. Now go to Filter > Other > Minimum and use a radius of between 1 and 5

watercolour sketch - sketch effect

Step 5. Double click in the layers palette on what should be now called layer copy 1, this will bring up the layer styles options. Holding down the alt or option key click on the little tags under the underlaying layer bar. This frees them up to be moved around individually. You can see by adjusting these tags it gives more depth to the sketch effect. When your happy and have something similar to our example hit ok.

Step 6. Now you could leave it as this as it actually looks pretty good, but we're going to carry on and add a little colour back. Select Layer 1 copy and Layer 1 and merge them together.

Step 7. With the original layer seleceted go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and increase the saturation to about +50

Step 8. Now reduce the opacity of the top layer (layer 1 copy) to about 85%.

Step 9. On this top layer, with a large soft brush and opacity set very low, slowly erase areas of skin to bring a little more colour back. Go over some areas more if you like as though you where painting the colour back in. You can also do small sections of hair too.

Step 10. Flatten the image and save.

watercolour sketch final image

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