DIY project: paper fortune cookies

On- Wednesday, April 28

fortune cookies

You can't end a Chinese meal without a fortune cookie - so we're going to finish up our Chinese wedding this month with our very own DIY fortune cookies. So simple to make, you could leave one on each guests plate or mix one with some real cookies in a Chinese take-away box for a cute favour idea.

You will need:
paper (not so thick that they wont fold)
3 inch circle punch
double sided sticky tape

DIY project:
Step 1. Print out our FREE template (click here to go to the download) and punch out the circles
Step 2. Loosely fold the circle in half with out creasing
Step 3. Place a little bit of double sided sticky tape near the edge of the circle and pinch the sides back until it lightly sticks and folds.
Step 4. Cut up the fortune strips and slip one into each paper cookie

fortune cookie how to fold

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