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On- Monday, March 1

Well as I mentioned yesterday, Im getting married this month. So as you can imagine things have been pretty crazy around the 'i do' it yourself office juggling the website, wedding stationery orders and my own DIY. But I guess thats just what ever DIY bride goes through, working and DIYing. :)

This month might be a little quiet on the blog front but I hope to bring you snippets and projects from my own wedding and a few other interesting stories and ideas. But what next? Well thats where we would like your input. We'd like you to tell us what theme or idea you have for your wedding.
We'll pick the best and follow them through for a whole month! From a moodboard and stationery design to decorating ideas and DIY projects! Just leave a comment or drop us an email with your idea or suggestion.

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8 Comentarios

  1. My fiance and I love everything to do with travels and old stuff. So we are going to for a travel inspired vintage wedding.
    Yet, when I say vintage, I don't mean that I am going to have a 1950ies style dress. But more about the "props" we will use: such as our old 1930ies gramophone for our first dance, our super8 camera for our video and so on.
    Travel wise, the Carribean is the destination of choice - Cuba, Guadeloupe... But also a taste of South of France (where I am from).
    Have fun!

  2. You could do "how to incorporate aspects of different cultures" into your wedding....ex, how to incorporate aspects of a Chinese, German, Italian etc wedding. I think that would be a good idea.

  3. congratulations! I get married next month now (scary!) we are going for a natural, french country chic DIY kinda wedding - the first taste our guests had of this was our invites, I blogged about them here, check it out:

    best of luck for all your last-minute plans! I am freaking out a bit about mine, even tho its such a small wedding! :o)

    ~ Samone

  4. I would love to look at an Indian inspired wedding as they have lost of vibrant colours.

  5. Our wedding early next year will be small (just family and a few close friends)so we are going for a 'Garden Wedding' at my parents home. Lots of interesting ideas - including the gnomes.:)

  6. I'm thinking fuchsia pink and teal for my wedding, it will be a Spring beach wedding.

  7. My brother is getting married and his bride is originally from Beijing so it will be a Chinese and Australia themed wedding (she is wearing white and the bridesmaids are wearing red). I've been asked to help with the decorations and invites. Any ideas would be great.

  8. We would like to serve just appetizers at our wedding but I dont want it to look cheap.
    I was thinking of just having different appetizers and an open bar following a late ceremony. It will be a small wedding 100 people at most.