DIY project: ring pillow

On- Sunday, March 21

One of my favourite little bits about our wedding has to be the beautiful ring pillow my mother made. It was decorated with Trapunto quilted flowers, a rose for the fact I'm originally English, Kowhai for my New Zealand hubby and gum leaves because we both now live in Aussie. And because our little puppy couldn't be there on the day - mum sewed him on the back. So cute!

I've asked mum to put together a step by step for making your very own ring pillow:

You will need:
Ribbon - two different widths, thin for the rings and wider for the back
Needle and thread
Cushion stuffing
Button or bead and any other decoration of your choice

DIY project:
Step 1. Cut out 2 squares of your chosen material 10x10", plus one piece for the bow 10x7". Cut two 24" length pieces of fine ribbon for attaching the rings and 12" piece of wider ribbon for the back of the cushion.

Step 2. To make the bow, fold the fabric in half, length wise right side inside. Sew across leaving 1/2" seam. Trim and turn through (putting seam at the back). Gather in centre and tack or sew to secure.

Step 3. Place bow across the middle of the first fabric square, right sides up - each should be 3" wide - and tack down. Repeat this with the wide ribbon on the second square.

Step 4. Pin or tack the front and back square together, right sides facing. Sew around (1/2" seam) leaving 3" opening to pull cushion through. Make sure you round all corners to avoid rabbit ears. Trim off the excess material and turn the cushion inside out.

Step 5. It is important that you now secure the two centres together before stuffing. Use a button or bead on the back (under the ribbon) and the narrow ring ribbons on the front. Add any flower or decoration of your choice.

Step 6. Finish by stuffing the pillow firmly and slip stitch the opening together.

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4 Comentarios

  1. Very cute! It would be a great gift to have it monogrammed and the wedding date on it! What a remembrence.

  2. lOVELY COLOURS, Like the idea of the monogrammed too. You could do all sorts of things, birth signs, interests etc, etc.

  3. It really was fantastic and what a lovely idea to put Scampi on it.