DIY project: paper globe banner

On- Tuesday, March 30

To keep going with our travel theme at the wedding we put together these simple little paper globe banners to string up at the venue. They are very simple to make and look beautiful in big bunches.

You will need
Decorative paper
Glue or double sided stick tape
Circle hole punch

DIY project
Step 1. Cut out plenty of circles with you hole punch, we used a 1.5 inch punch.

Step 2. Lightly fold each circle back in half and put a strip of sticky tape or glue on the inside.

Step 3. Using three of the cut out circles, stick the folded sides to one another to form the globe-like shape. Repeat as many times as you can.

Step 4. Thread all your globes together on fairly thick string, anything too thin will start to slip inside the globe and eventually make it fall off.

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