DIY project: tin can vases

On- Monday, January 18

One of the best bits about having an outdoor picnic wedding is that the decorations are pretty much taken care off. But if you still fancy having a sit down meal some table decorations might be in order. This is such a simple and very budget friendly floral idea, perfect for your picnic.

DIY project:
Step 1. Just clean ordinary tin cans removing the label thoroughly.

Step 2. If you plan to use taller flowers you can glue some oasis with a glue gun to the bottom of the can to help secure your flowers.

Step 3. Decorating. There are plenty of options here, you can glue a little ribbon around the can to tie in with your colour scheme. You could print out new labels with your names and wedding date. Or you could just leave the cans as is. Finish off by filling with simple flowers such as daises or natives such as Flannel Flower and Geraldton Wax.

Told you it was easy! As a more colourful alternative us old tea tins or head to your local Asian food market for colourful tins just left as is.

Pics: Penwren on Flickr, Orignaux on Flickr
and Antonis Achilleos via Every Day with Rachael Ray

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3 Comentarios

  1. So pretty for spring! I especially love the last photo of the yellows and oranges!

  2. Three easy steps indeed! I love this idea.

  3. What a great DIY project for thrifty brides! I love the idea of finding older more antique cans...may be a bit more but they can then be used for decorating a newlywed home!