Monday, November 30

sailing away on lavender seas

End of another month and another beautiful theme. We hope you love lavender seas as much as we did. Thanks again to everyone who contributed and commented. Don't forget to email us if you have something it share. Happy Thanksgiving to all our American followers, hope it was a good one. And happy end of Movember to all brides to be who's fiance's are threatening to keep the mo for the wedding.

Coming next on 'i do' it yourself it's a cheeky and cheerful theme for Christmas.

To finish the month off we're going to start something new. Putting together this blog we come across so many amazing things and we just cant fit them all. So here are a few things that really caught our eye this month:

If you're a fan of gorgeous styling, then head on over to A Creative Mint for some amazing eye candy and stunning photography. This month we were really struck with the work of Turkish jewellery designer Star of the East, especially her unique and beautiful creations featuring sea urchins like the neacklace shown above. Purple gown via Fashion Bride – just 'cos it was so pretty. We love this little blue dress by etsy seller Magnolija Dress, but it was a reserved for a very lucky buyer. Still, there's plenty more where that came from, check out their store for more amazing accessories and dreamy dresses.

Friday, November 27

DIY project: lavender bath bomb favours

What could be a more perfect thank you to friends and family than a relaxing lavender bath bomb? Easy to make and under $1 each these cute little favours are ideal to finish off our lavender beach wedding.

You will need:
Large bowl
Citric acid (try your local chemist, just tell the pharmacist what you want it for)
Baking soda
Dried lavender
Lavender essential oil
Food colouring
Almond oil (if you can't find this at your local supermarket try a health food store)
Molds (if you can't find specific bath bomb mold you could use chocolate molds for smaller bombs)
Waxed paper

DIY project:
1. Mix 1/2 cup of citric acid, 1 1/4 cups of baking soda and 1/4 cup of dried lavender together in a bowl.

2. Add 15 drops of your lavender essential oil, 2 tsp of water and a couple of drops of blue and a couple of drops of red food colouring.

3. Slowly add between 2 to 6tbsp of almond oil until the mixture with hold together.

4. Roll spoonfulls of your bath bomb mix into lightly oiled molds and leave to set for a few minutes. They will start to expand. Remove from the molds and allow to thoroughly dry out on waxed paper for a day or two.

5. Wrap a ribbon around the bath bomb from top to bottom and finish off with a bow, or display surrounded by little shells as above.

Thursday, November 26

lavender place setting

Often the simplest ideas are the most effective. A few sprigs of lavender tied with ribbon make an effortlessly stylish place setting. Just add a cute little tag for the name. Pic via Wedding Bee.

Wednesday, November 25

tantrums and tiaras

I've often read that the most stressful thing in life is to move house - well whoever came up with that statement had clearly never planned a wedding. Most days I'd happily take packing boxes and setting up utility accounts over all the drama and politics that come hand in hand with a wedding.

The mother-in-law is interfering and your sister doesn't like her bridesmaid's dress. Auntie Flo won't speak to you unless you invite her neighbour from across the street. Well why wouldn't you? You went round that time and had tea with her when you were seven after all! And if that wasn't stressful enough - you've decided to DIY. (Our tag line is not tantrums, tiaras and sticky tape for nothing you know.) So what's a crafty creative bride to do? Well, take a deep breath and put down the glue gun because we've got some top tips for making your special day, and the lead up, as stress-free and as fun as possible.

Stick to what you're good at.
We're all better at some things than others. Be realistic and only take on what you know you can do well. The idea of putting together 20 floral centerpieces might seem like a good one, but if you've never done it before, stop. If you are planning on trying something that's new to you, do a test run with plenty of time to call in a professional if it all goes horribly wrong.

You've got to have friends.
Enlist help. Get the girls together for a DIY craft day. If you know anyone with a specific skill or profession that might helpful, a hairdresser or musician for example, ask for it to be your wedding gift.

It's all in the timing.
Make a list of everything you plan to DIY for your wedding, then look at the timing. The further out from your wedding date the more you can do which is why things like invitations and decorations that can be safely stored are a great option to DIY. You don't want to be up assembling and gluing at midnight before the wedding after all.

Remember things like fresh flowers will need to be done the night before, so if you think it might be too much, get a professional. Equally make sure you're not doing things too early. If you're making sweets or baking make sure they will still be fresh on the big day.

Have fun.
Don't forget get what this is all about, you and the person you love. So enjoy it!

Pic: Goregous Isabella gown by Jeremy Brandrick

Tuesday, November 24

handmade help for a lavender seas wedding

We've found a few stylish suppliers to help get you started planning the perfect purple and blue beach wedding.
• Lavender salt glow. Exfoliating sea salt scrub with coca butter. Unwind before the wedding or great for wedding favours and bonboniers. US$14.50 from Inner Earth Soaps.
• Lavender and linen printable DIY table numbers. The perfect finishing touch to your table decorations. Number 1-12 $10 from 'i do' it yourself.
• Lilac three piece party pom set. US$15 from Party Poms.
• Adorable white and lavender ring bearer pillow. US$22 from Emici Bridal.
• Purple passion bunting banner. US$30 from Giggleberry.
• White beach pebbles with customised engraving. US$14 each from SJ Engraving.
• Purple floral print guest book with four matching little books for bridesmaids. US$65 from Kate Blocher.
• Set of three porcelain sea urchin votive candle holders. US$125 from Element Clay Studio.
• DIY print at home paddle fan. Available in all styles in the 'i do' it yourself range. US$10

Sunday, November 22

easy breezy decorations

Simple and stylish, keep your cool with these easy breezy wedding decorating ideas.

Sea urchins can be found in a range of colours to fit your beach wedding decor. Scatter them around the tables or use porcelain alternatives as beautiful tea candle holders.
If you're planning outdoor dinning by the beach then your venue decorations are pretty much sorted for you! Keep table centerpieces simple with beautiful bunches of colour co-ordinated flowers in silver pales. Just don't forget to weigh the corners of that table cloth down. Pic via A stunning table display simply achieved with old glass bottles as table centerpieces and a scattering of coral. Via

The perfect finishing touches: Hang a lavender wreath decorated with starfish. Fill large glass vases with seashells as well as flowers, pic Michelle Rago Events. Starfish and purple scallops glued to white ribbon creating a beautiful beachy garland. US$15 from Surf Gifts. Simple sprigs of lavender lie with place cards. Pic by Weddings by Two via The Brides Cafe. Metallic beads glued onto natural star fish make very pretty decorations and great favours, finished with a nylon loop they can be suspended in bunches around the room. Three for US$8 from Natural Home.

Going all purple with the table decorations, just gorgeous, bunches of lavender in footed glasses via Martha Stewart Weddings. Last bite - you'll find the recipe here for delicious macaroons with violet and vanilla bean buttercream by Tartelette.

Friday, November 20

DIY project: paddle fan

DIY paddle fans are the perfect addition to a beach wedding and just the project for keeping your wedding guests cool this summer. Use them for a unique order of service, create stunning wedding invitations or as we've done here add a simple but beautiful poem.

We've designed loads of beautiful fans for you to print at home or just take the file to your local printer. Some are instant downloads which you can add text to yourself, while others we customise for you. See available fan designs here.

You will need:
A4 card paper
Double sided sticky tape
Ribbon or shells to decorate (optional)
Tongue depressors

Yep, you read the last one right, tongue depressors. Paddle pop sticks are a bit too small for the fan handles, but tongue depressors are perfect. You can pick them up at most chemists for about 20c each.

DIY project:
1. Order and print out one of our paddle fan designs on some fairly thick card paper.

2. Neatly cut round the design and fold in half.

3. Place some double sided sticky tape around the edges, then using more tape on both sides, stick your tongue depressor to the center of one of the pages.

4. Close the card and press firmly to seal.

You can decorate your paddle fans with additional details such as ribbon or shells.

Thursday, November 19

sprinkle some love

Here's a lovely idea. Using our DIY seed packet template we've created these cute little envelopes filled with lavender buds and eco-friendly confetti so guests can shower the newlyweds after the ceremony. Very pretty. Available through our etsy store.

Monday, November 16

what's hot: fabulous fascinators

The traditional bridal veil is fading and the tiaras are sitting tarnishing on the selves - ok thats a bit over dramatic, but the the fascination at the moment is certainly with the fascinator! From the flamboyant and dramatic to the adorably cute, it's the headwear choice for any stylish bride.

Main image by photographer Frederic Farre
1. Lara fascinator hair comb US$26.95 by Chloe and Maddie
2. The butterflyaway fascinator in purple US$32 by Stylesmith
3. Vivid red and purple 'june' feathered headband US$18 by Live In Style

Sunday, November 15

accessories for lavender seas

We've been hard at work tracking down some beach beauties this week - of the accessories kind. Luminous shells and lovely lavender make for the most beautiful wedding accessories. I feel calm and relaxed just looking at them.

Credits: The perfect necklace for a beautiful sea nymph, with pearl ivory shells and energising amethyst, US$32 from Go 2 Girl. Stunning scrollwork lavender ice bracelet, US$125 from Andy Justy, Melbourne. Exquisite pearl bridal cuff US$155 from Nans Glam. Gorgeous white sea urchin necklace adorned with a rhinestone, US$62 from Star of the East. Beautifully revamped blue glass necklace US$38 from Susan Hazel Rich. Pretty pearly starfish hairpins, US$9 for a set of three from Shell Scapes.

Saturday, November 14

lavender lovelies

Well I haven't mentioned beauty on the blog before, but this week, for some reason I've been inundated with some really lovely lavender products. It must be fate. So here are some of my favourites to help even the most stressed bride to be to relax and unwind.

With it's sweet smell almost good enough to eat, nourish your skin with APIVITA almond and lavender bath and shower gel, $32.90. And, get some inner calm with lavender aromatherapy, APIVITA natural scents. Revive your skin with organic Byron Natures Gift lavender and orange mist, $22. Refresh your linen with uplifting Tasmanian lavender body and pillow mist from evodia, $23.95. APIVITA almond and lavender body cream, $39.90.

Wednesday, November 11

be my bridesmaid

It's been a crazy month so far, so much to do and our internet keeps dropping out. So apologies again for the delay in posts. But it has meant we've had a bit more time to work on our wedding stationery. So we now have a new product, yeay! Print at home bridesmaid cards.
Available in all of our styles, just like our thank you cards, we can tweak the wording to fit your wedding. Only US$10 on our etsy store.

Tuesday, November 10

DIY stationery: sea breeze

We're a bit behind this month. Not only have we got a mad puppy running round the office chewing on everything but creating a beach wedding invitation proved to be a little challenging.
For this wedding stationery we wanted to steer clear of the usual tropical beach motifs, like palm trees, and really convey a feeling of calmness and serenity. The sound of the waves and soft ocean breezes. But we got there in the end with this new design. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 8

DIY stationery: lavender and linen

Organising a wedding can be incredibly stressful, but hopefully our new DIY wedding stationery will be a calming influence. Our latest design of lovely lavender and linen is now available. Purple has to be my favourite colour, and I'm pretty tempted to have these as my own wedding invites!

The inside features a beautiful repeating lavender pattern and an elegant space for your wedding details. The back is a slightly lighter shade for a nice subtle contrast, with linen ribbon detail and space for a few words such as the wedding date.

How does 'i do' it yourself stationery work?
1. Follow the link to purchase the design through our online store. CLICK HERE
2. Email your wedding details through
3. We send you a proof to check
4. Once signed off we email you the finished files for you to print, decorate and send! Easy!

Above you can see the finished product that has been cut to 145 mm sqaure, or see below for other ideas:
The file you receive (above) can be cut to make different sized invitations such as A5, gatefold or 145mm square.

Invitation cut to 145mm square.

Lovely matching RSVPs are available in various sizes

Friday, November 6

lavender seas scrapbook inspiration

Take a deep breath... and relax. All the charm of lavender and its calming scent, and all the beauty of the beach rolled into one gorgeous wedding.

Credits: Be swept away with loose romantic curls, photo via; starfish make beautiful additions to wedding invitations or decorations; white beach pebbles can be custom engraved with guests names for a beautiful addition to your place settings, US$14 each from SJEngraving; lavender bouquet via lavender fanatic; purple decorated cake via; purple floral bobby pins perfect for your bridesmaids, US$28 from Mollusa; a stunning seaside wedding, a bridal bouquet sits on an old white wicker chair, via ; lovely lavender inspired drinks, photo by Shawn Connell for Christian Oth Studio via Style me Pretty; lavender champagne and lavender whisky sour from Martha Stewart Weddings; lavender shell beads; pretty reception table design via Once Wed; beautiful bridesmaids in blue photography by Paul Johnson; yummy lavender macaroons photographed by Jennifer S Rau.

Wednesday, November 4

DIY wedding results

Last month you might have noticed we ran a little poll on the site to find out what you were most likely to DIY for your wedding day. Well the results are in and they are pretty interesting. A whopping 48% of you said you would make your own wedding invitations, while no one seems game enough to make their own wedding dress or wedding cake. Decorations, favours and flowers were quite a popular option with 17%, 12% and 12%. And only a handful of people said they would most likely DIY their accessories or photography. Thanks to everyone who voted. If you have any ideas for future polls - let us know.

Tuesday, November 3

melbourne cup picks

As it's the Melbourne cup today I thought we'd share our tips for picking a winner - in the fashion stakes that is. Headbands, hats and fascinators are firm favourites at weddings as well as the races. Make a statement with bright, bold colours and fabulous feathers, or opt for soft pastels with over-sized floral designs. We've got our money on these handmade beauties...

Credits: 1. Blue Bloom, US$285 from My Rakim 2. Bridal Bouquet, US$85 from Cultivar 3. Isadora, US$32 from Bethany Lorelle 4. Silk Bloom US$80 from My Rakim 5. Tea with the Queen, US$385 from Austie 6. The Farrah, US$74.99 from Satanica 7. Evangeline Nuno, US$110 Glamour Junkie 8. Bernadette, US$43 from Looks Good 9. Pretty in pink, US$59 from Pish Poshes 10. The canary US$30 from Giant Dwarf

Monday, November 2

lavender seas

This month the country meets the coast in a beautiful beach and lavender inspired wedding.

Alisha is getting married next year in Sydney's lovely Lavender Bay then holding her reception at Coogee beach, and it just so happens her favourite colour is purple. So our first thought was to use lavender as a colour and a bit of a theme. Lovely lavender is such a sweet feature in a wedding, it's reminiscent of a time gone by, of country fields filled with purple - and then there is all the fun of a beach party to throw in too! It's going to be an interesting month, hope you enjoy.

Colour palette: lavender, grape, wisteria and blue

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