when scampi met frankie

On- Saturday, December 12

This morning we took 14 weeks old Scampi to Cafe Bones, a doggy cafe in Leichhardt. It was a crazy place but great for a bite to eat and for the dogs to play. A warning though, it is a high crime rate area, muggings and thefts are common. After only a few minutes we were subjected to a co-ordinated Beagle attack, as one distracted us the other jumped on the table and drank our coffee. Scampi was knocked aside and his 'puppychino' nicked by several other dogs. :)
But then guess who we bumped into? We spotted another Frenchie and went over to say hello - it was Frankie, Scampi's sister! They had a lovely reunion biting and playing.

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3 Comentarios

  1. That is a very funny story - and I love the pictures! I have an American Bulldog and an English Bulldog - those frenchies are so cute - maybe I should add one!

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