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On- Thursday, December 3

You might have noticed that we LOVE mood boards on 'i do' it yourself. A lot of people have asked how we put them together and the answer is Photoshop. But this isn't going to be everyones cup of tea, it's a very expensive design program which can take a long time to master, and while Photoshop Elements might be more in budget and a good option for some - it still takes time to learn the ropes. So we've found some excellent online alternatives for putting together your very own wedding mood boards. They are great for nutting out ideas and getting a real sense of how you would like your wedding to look. But the best bit of all is they are free.

Polyvore Our top pick for where to start creating your on own online mood boards. It's fast, easy to use and fun. Plus there are hundreds of other users churning out a fantastic array of inspiration. You will need to register to start putting your ideas together, but once signed in there are huge number of images to work with and its quite easy to add more. It's a simple case of search, drag and drop. One of the best features of Polyvore is you can easily follow the links back to where the images came from, so if that was an online shop, you can click through to buy. Genius.

September wedding in Florida by RebeccaAH

Bridal Canvas Another option is Bridal Canvas. Working in a similar way to Polyvore you double click from a selection of thumbnails what you would like to appear on your mood board. Again you will need to register to get started. We did find this a little harder to use, more search functions would really help, it was tricky to find suitable images. Deleting items from our canvas didn't always seem to work and we lost the whole thing twice. But in saying that there are some good features and it is worth a look. You can add music to your moodboard which is a nice touch especially when sharing your wedding ideas with family and friends.

If you have a mood board to share the check out our idoityourself flickr group and add your ideas.

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